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Gardeco Pizzaro Traditional Style Pizza Oven Glazed Black

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The material this chimenea is made from is a break through fireproof clay that comes with a 5 year guarantee against cracking through thermal shock.

 Specification of Pizzaro pizza oven

  • 66cm Wide x 57.5cm Deep x 37cm High
  • Includes 3 bases, one funnel and one bag of pizza oven cement

Please read the following instructions and recommendations. Exercise CAUTION at all times for the safe en-
joyment of Pizzaro Pizza Oven. Please keep these instructions in a safe place so you can read them again from
time to time.
ALWAYS FOLLOW THE USER INSTRUCTIONS Failure to do so may result in personal injury or fires
spreading to property. Please remember you are dealing with a real fire.
The Pizzaro Pizza Oven is for outdoor use only. NEVER make a real fire inside a
conservatory, summer house or garden shed. Fires burning wood, coal or charcoal can only be used outside,
because fumes and gases from the fire are poisonous and dangerous to health. Carbon monoxide gas has no
colour nor odour and is deadly.
PLACE your Pizza Oven on a FLAT surface; you should NOT place it on a sloping surface where it might tip
There is the possibility burning fuel or hot ash may fall from the mouth of the Pizza Oven so protect deck
ing or patio stone with a Gardeco Floor Protector or similar covering.
DO NOT place your Pizza Oven near bushes or plants or under trees; the heat will damage the leaves and is
a fire risk. DO NOT place your Pizza Oven under an awning; it will burn or melt. DO NOT place your Pizza
Oven near garden furniture, especially made of fabric or woven plastic, which may melt or catch fire. We
recommend at least one metre minimum distance. DO NOT touch the outside of the Pizza Oven when burning, The outside surface is hot and you will burn
your fingers. Protect your hands with a Gardeco FIRE GLOVE.
NEVER put your hand inside the mouth of a burning Pizza Oven, The internal temperature can be as high as
400 degrees C. There is a risk you will severely burn your hand if you do so. Always protect your hands
when re-fuelling with a FIRE GLOVE.
DO NOT allow pets near the Pizza Oven. DO NOT allow children especially small children to play or run
around the Pizza Oven.
DO NOT PANIC if fuel falls out of the Pizza Oven or for any reason flames spread out from the fire,
simply extinguish spreading flames with earth, sand or water or use a Gardeco FIRE BLANKET to smother
the flames. NEVER throw water on a real fire other than in an extreme emergency.
DO NOT use petrol, paraffin or fire lighters to start the fire (or as a fuel). The best method is balled
newspaper and dry kindling.
NEVER LEAVE A BURNING PIZZA OVEN UNATTENDED Failure to do so may result in the fire spreading
out of control and damage or destruction of property. Please ensure the fire is completely out before
leaving the Pizza Oven unattended.
DO NOT attempt to move any real patio fire while the fire is burning.
We advise against using a Pizza Oven when it is windy. Wind may disperse burning material, which is a fire
risk, particularly if the surroundings are very dry.
PLEASE be a good neighbour and be reasonable in the use of your Pizza Oven, keep smoke and noise to a
Use a soft brush and dust pan to remove any cold ashes from inside the Pizza
Oven, then sweep the inside base so it is free of dust and debris.
Using a little newspaper and thin dry kindling build a fire in the centre of the
mouth of the Pizza Oven as shown left. Slowly add the remaining wood fuel to the
fire, then after about 15 minutes use the raking tool to push the glowing embers
and burning fuel to the back of the pizza oven. USE A FIRE GLOVE TO PROTECT
Carefully insert a pizza stone (which we recommend), so it sits in the mouth of
the Pizza Oven about 8 cm from the front lip. Use the peel to turn the pizza stone after five minutes to ensure
Allow the remainder of the wood to burn and after about 30-35 minutes from ignition the pizza oven will
have attained at least 300 degrees c. Check the temperature on the thermostat.
Using the raking tool push the glowing embers to the back and sides of the pizza oven - allow all the
flames to burn off - now you are ready to cook.
A pizza will taste better when cooked at high temperature. Many Italian
pizza ovens operate at 400 degrees Centigrade. The Pizzaro Pizza Oven has an
operating temperature of 300 degrees plus.
You will need to burn about 2.5 kgs of wood pieces or chips (exclusive of
kindling) to reach the operating temperature in about 35 minutes. This is 35
minutes heating and about 35 minutes cooking time. It is easy to make your own
wood fuel by splitting logs into thinner pieces. Use extreme care if using a small
hand axe to split the logs.
Traditional Italian pizza ovens use dry oak chips as the fuel, these wood chips burn fast,
leave little ash residue and produce a distinctive smoky oak aroma which gives flavour to
the pizzas.
You can use other wood types as fuel, but make sure they are well seasoned and as dry as
possible to minimise smoke. If wood chips are not available use small strips or blocks about
sized 3 x 3 x 8 or 12 cms. Be aware scrap pallet wood is often treated with preservative
which is toxic and should not be used as fuel.
Prepare all your pizzas in advance so they are ready to cook, when the first is
cooked you can immediately insert the next one into the hot oven.
Now using the peel place the pizza on the hot pizza stone - it will take about
four minutes to cook - we recommend after two minutes you lift the pizza out of
the oven using the peel and turn it 180 degrees and then replace into the oven for
the last two/three minutes. Do not burn your fingers.
3.5 Kgs wood pieces
The pizza oven is large enough to cook a pizza up to 12 inches in diameter, but with this size care must be
taken to ensure the back edge does not burn or come into contact with the burning embers, therefore we rec-
ommend you cook maximum 10 inch diameter pizzas.
The pizza is ready when the topping is bubbling, which at 300 degrees C is about four minutes after placing
on the pizza stone. To remove the pizza, slide the peel under the cooked pizza and lift out onto a flat wooden
cutting board, and serve immediately. Insert the next pizza and repeat the process. Do not put your hand into
Special care and attention is necessary when cooking on a Pizza Oven to avoid contamination by smoke or soot.
Peels and Raking Tools are coated with vegetable oil during manufacture but may have gathered dirt and
dust therefore must be thoroughly washed in hot water and detergent, check all dirt is removed.
After cleaning and drying, pizza oven accessories are best lightly coated with vegetable cooking oil before
use. After use, they must washed clean with hot water and detergent and coated with vegetable cooking
oil before storing. NEVER USE MINERAL OIL.
If you do not coat with oil cooking accessories they will rust, this could happen after first use. If you wash
pizza oven accessories with water and don¡¯t coat with cooking oil rust can occur in a matter of hours.
After use the surfaces of the cooking accessories in direct contact with the fire will be covered in black
carbon soot. Soot can be washed off with hot water and household detergent or washing up liquid. Be care
ful because black soot residues will mark surfaces, tea towels or washing up cloths. All soot must be re
moved before oiling and storage.
When cooking outdoors take care food is kept in hygienic conditions.
DO NOT leave meats in the sun or outside in hot weather, keep cool and covered with a clean cloth.
DO NOT leave butter in the sun or uncovered.
Keep meat and vegetables in separate dishes to avoid cross contamination with fluids.
Only bring food out into the garden before cooking and it should be consumed after cooking as soon as pos
sible. Food should be eaten while hot, immediately after coming out of the oven. Dispose of any cooked food
not eaten.
MAKE SURE meat is thoroughly cooked.
When pizza oven accessories are taken out of the fire, they are hot and need to be put onto a hard non-
flammable surface, so the contents of the cooking accessory can be removed.
DO NOT place the accessory on the patio, grass, earth or directly on the ground.
DO NOT put hot accessories directly onto wood, furniture, plates, crockery or plastic surface.
Parts of the cooking accessories in direct contact with the fire may become covered with carbon soot.
Make sure you do not contaminate your pizza with soot.
CAREFUL HOT! DO NOT TOUCH, steel and cast iron cooking accessories are very hot when taken out of
the fire, do not touch with your fingers, protect hands with Gardeco FIRE GLOVES.
Cast iron cooking accessories can remain hot after use, so ALWAYS be very careful and cautious when han
dling cast iron cooking accessories.
DO NOT allow children to handle any of the cooking accessories.
NEVER leave a cooking accessory in the fire unattended. If you leave food in the oven, it will be burnt and

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  • Traditional clay pizza oven for that 'Italian' style cooking experience
  • Black glaze finish
  • Made from Gardeco unique AFC advance fire clay with 5 year guarante from thermal shock cracking
  • Stand NOT included, available to purchase seperately
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