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Pond filtration

If you’re the proud owner of a ‘man-made’ pond, you’re going to have to take care of a few more chores than if you’d simply taken over a pre-existing naturally occurring pond feature. One of these acts of maintenance is setting up an effective filtration system which will help cleanse the water of organic wastes that can result in toxic waters and seriously damaging the habitat of any organisms residing in your pond. A further benefit of running a suitable pond filtration system is the ability to help achieve a ‘gin clear’ look, a major goal of Koi farmers. Gin Clear water refers to the colour of a body of water, which is almost crystal clear, with  ‘glass-like’ water clarity.

Discount Leisure Products offers a leading range of official Jebao pond filters and pumps, check out the 18,000 litre capacity Jebao filter system, suited perfectly for pond owners looking after a variety of goldfish and koi.

Discount Leisure FiltrationIlluminate your pond with discreet garden and pond lighting from Jebao

Once you’re all set up and able to enjoy the wondrous colours of your chosen species by the light of day, why not turn your pond into a nighttime feature as well by introducing underwater lighting at strategic points to turn the main event of your garden into an attraction which can be enjoyed 24 hours a day.

Pond LightingThis handy three-light kit comes equipped with waterproof housing, coloured lenses and a 5m long cable which allows you to space out each LED light from the transformer, giving you full flexibility over the depth of your lighting and allowing you to create a variety of effects.

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