An image of a pond with two pond lights on either side 27/03/2023

How to Install Underwater Pond Lights

There are many benefits to adding pond lights to your outdoor pond. They allow you to enjoy your pond at all times of the day, as they illuminate the area after dark, creating a more pleasant atmosphere. They also make your pond safer, improving its visibility in low natural light.  However, installing pond lights can be tricky and time-consuming if you aren’t experienced with this procedure. You’ll need the correct instructions from your chosen manufacturer to install your lights safely and efficiently for the best results. Our guide on how... Read More

An image of a large frozen pond surrounded by plants 17/01/2023

Pond Care in Winter

Cold weather can be challenging for pond owners as it can cause many disruptive changes to pond water, plants and livestock. With this in mind, paying extra care to pond maintenance during autumn and winter is essential. It will not only make such changes easier to handle but also ensure your pond will still be in excellent shape when spring rolls around.  At Discount Leisure Products, we aim to help pond owners in all aspects of pond keeping, which is why we’ve created a pond care in winter guide so... Read More

An image of a pond in a garden surrounded by flowers 18/11/2022

How Long Do Pond Pumps Last?

Having a pond can enhance the overall aesthetic of your home, whether you choose to feature it indoors or outdoors. A well-built pond can even increase the value of your home, so it’s important to incorporate high-quality components to create a pond that runs efficiently and consistently. Cleaning and maintaining your pond will allow it to run smoothly, but to keep it in the best condition, you should also consider the lifespan of each element so that you can be prepared to replace them when they no longer work. Pond... Read More

Yucca gloriosa Variegata on banks of small garden pond. Beautiful striped yucca leaves of gloriosa variegata on green blurred background. Evergreen landscaped garden. Nature concept for design. 06/10/2022

How do Pond Pumps and Filters Work?

When installing a pond, you need to consider many elements to get the best possible results. From pond liners to pond lighting, each one plays an integral role in the quality and running of the pond, so they need to be incorporated into the installation process for it to be successful. Pond pumps and filters are essential as they allow the water in your pond to circulate properly and introduce oxygen into it. This ensures that it remains clean and free from contaminants by agitating the pond, which helps to... Read More

A beautiful small pond and a patio with a sitting area. 05/08/2022

What Type of Pond Liner is Best?

Choosing a good quality pond liner is a must for any pond owner, whether it’s for an existing or newly built pond. It acts as an impermeable membrane that works to retain liquid and prevent it from leaking through the base of the pond and into the soil beneath it. A pond liner will also help to keep debris and sediment out of the water for longer, allowing you to maintain your pond properly. The best pond liners are easy to lay, resistant to leaks, and can last a lifetime.... Read More

Essential Pond Accessories

A pond provides the opportunity to have something that you can be incredibly proud of and that you can show off, but depending on the state of the pond is what can make or break your garden. Of course you’ll want something that looks beautifully idyllic, which is why top maintenance is key, and keeping up to date with regular checks to see if everything is running as it should be. At Discount Leisure Products we know our stuff when it comes to pond maintenance, which is why we’ve come... Read More

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All about Jebao

Pond filtration If you’re the proud owner of a ‘man-made’ pond, you’re going to have to take care of a few more chores than if you’d simply taken over a pre-existing naturally occurring pond feature. One of these acts of maintenance is setting up an effective filtration system which will help cleanse the water of organic wastes that can result in toxic waters and seriously damaging the habitat of any organisms residing in your pond. A further benefit of running a suitable pond filtration system is the ability to help... Read More


Pond Maintenance – Summer Months

Pond Maintenance – Summer Months Those halcyon days of summer are just around the corner and the average temperatures are changing for the better for those who prefer to enjoy the great outdoors rather than being cooped up inside with a hot drink on a chilly day. For anybody fortunate enough to have a pond set-up in the garden, it means approaching things a little differently as the climate begins to shift. Here at Discount Leisure Products, we’re going to provide you with a couple of key pointers to help... Read More

How to use the backwash cycle on a Jebao CF pond filter

Jebao manufacture a large range of pond equipment including a several models of pressure filters for fish ponds. In this post I will be talking about the Jebao CF pressure filter and how the backwash facility functions.   As you can see from the image of a Jebao CF pressure filter above, it has one inlet, one out let and one waste outlet which is used during the ‘clean’ or ‘backwash’ cycle. There is a grey level on the CF pressure filters that is set to the ‘filter’ cycle during... Read More