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How to use the backwash cycle on a Jebao CF pond filter

Jebao manufacture a large range of pond equipment including a several models of pressure filters for fish ponds. In this post I will be talking about the Jebao CF pressure filter and how the backwash facility functions.   As you can see from the image of a Jebao CF pressure filter above, it has one inlet, one out let and one waste outlet which is used during the ‘clean’ or ‘backwash’ cycle. There is a grey level on the CF pressure filters that is set to the ‘filter’ cycle during... Read More

How to prepare your pond for winter

If you own a pond regardless of whether it is a simple wildlife pond or a large koi pond preparing for the colder winter months is important to the health of the pond and the inhabitants. The following is the Discount Leisure Products guide to preparing a pond for winter   Clean the pond A filter system breaks down waste matter from a pond such as fish waste, algae, plant matter etc. As the filtration process slows down in cooler weather, cleaning a pond prior to winter will prevent any... Read More

Choosing The Right Fish Pond Liner

Buying a pond liner is probably one of the first purchases you will make when building a fish pond or wildlife pond. There are many differnt types of  pond liner available, making the decision of which pond liner to buy harder to make. The information below will explain the different type of pond liner we carry in stock and help you make a more informed decision on which pond lining to buy. PVC Pond Liner is a heavy duty 0.5mm think liner that is non toxic and safe for all fish... Read More

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Christmas 2012

Welcome to the Discount Leisure Products blog, everyone at Discount Leisure Products would like to thank all our customers for your continued support over the years and wish you all a very happy Christmas and New Year. Best Wishes for 2013 From All At  

Pond Heater

Now is the time of year when the colder months are coming, which brings the possiblity of your pond freezing over.  Simply breaking ice can stress your fish and leaving the pond frozen over could cause water quality problems. A simple solution is to add a small pond heater that will keep a small area of the pond ice free, allowing any toxic gasses escape from the pond as well as offering a bathing or drinking area for wildlife. The Bermuda Pond Heater is the perfect product.