Choosing The Right Fish Pond Liner

Buying a pond liner is probably one of the first purchases you will make when building a fish pond or wildlife pond. There are many differnt types of  pond liner available, making the decision of which pond liner to buy harder to make. The information below will explain the different type of pond liner we carry in stock and help you make a more informed decision on which pond lining to buy.

PVC Pond Liner is a heavy duty 0.5mm think liner that is non toxic and safe for all fish and aquatic plants. It is also resistant to swelling and rotting and has a high resistance to puncturing. The PVC liner is manufactured by Gordon Low and is best suited to small to medium sized ponds. The 0.5mm PVC fish pond liner is covered by a lifetime guarantee (upto 140 PVC liner is our most popular lining product and is available either off the roll or in pre packs in almost any size upto 12mt wide x 25mt long.

Firestone 1mm EPDM Rubber Pond Liner is again safe for all aquatic life and plants. This heavy duty liner is ideal for larger installtions and lakes. The liner is easily shaped to the contours of any feature or pond. The rubber liner has more give than a PVC liner, therefore moulds better in the creases, folds and corners of a pond. Firestone EPDM Rubber is cover with a 20 year guarantee.

SealEco 0.75mm Greenseal Pond Liner is a rubber pond liner produced in Sweden. Greenseal is very similar to Butyl rubber and even feels the sames, however the cost of butyl rubber has risen and the Greenseal is now more economical to buy and outperforms Butyl rubber in some instances. The manufacturing process of Greenseal help create a elastic, chemically stable that is safe for aquatic life and is highly resistance to UV rays from the sun, extremes of temerature, chemicals and earth. Old Greenseal pond liners can also be recycled to create other EPDM products. Greenseal is ideal for pond, irrigation tanks, fish farmimg and much more.

Pond Geotextile Underlay This is a high quality underlay with a grade 150g-180gsm and is suitable for underlay with any of the above linings. Available in 2meter wide rolls and in single lengths up to 100 feet(30.5 meteres). The underlay help to protect liners from penetration from sharp stones, roots etc as well as helping to prevent the liner over stretching due to ground settlement.  It is important to remember that a underlay has to protect the pond liner for all of its life, do not be lead by price when buying the underlay.

If you require any further information or would like a qutation for a pond liner, please use the contact us link on our website

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