How to use the backwash cycle on a Jebao CF pond filter

Jebao manufacture a large range of pond equipment including a several models of pressure filters for fish ponds. In this post I will be talking about the Jebao CF pressure filter and how the backwash facility functions.

jebao cf 20 fish pond pressure filter


As you can see from the image of a Jebao CF pressure filter above, it has one inlet, one out let and one waste outlet which is used during the ‘clean’ or ‘backwash’ cycle. There is a grey level on the CF pressure filters that is set to the ‘filter’ cycle during normal operation. This then allows water to be pumped in via the inlet and out, returning to the pond via the outlet.

Backwashing a pressure filter

When you need to clean the Jebao CF pressure filter simply switch the grey lever over to the ‘clean’ cycle position, this will then backwash the filter causing water to be pumped into the outlet and water to be pumped out of the waste outlet. It would be advisable to connect a pipe to the waste outlet prior to switching the lever, this will prevent dirty pond water rushing out and covering you in waste. The pipe can be run to a flowerbed where the waste water will be a great fertiliser or you can drain into a bucket and empty out elsewhere. Once you have cleaned your filter as required switch the lever back to ‘filter’ and normal filtration cycle will resume.

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