How to Install Underwater Pond Lights

An image of a pond with two pond lights on either side

There are many benefits to adding pond lights to your outdoor pond. They allow you to enjoy your pond at all times of the day, as they illuminate the area after dark, creating a more pleasant atmosphere. They also make your pond safer, improving its visibility in low natural light. 

However, installing pond lights can be tricky and time-consuming if you aren’t experienced with this procedure. You’ll need the correct instructions from your chosen manufacturer to install your lights safely and efficiently for the best results.

Our guide on how to install pond lights will help you to learn the basics about installing various types of lighting in your outdoor pond. No matter how big or small your project is, with our expert advice, you can successfully create a beautiful pond lighting arrangement to improve the look and feel of your outdoor area. 


  1. How to place pond lights
  2. How to wire pond lights
  3. How to install underwater pond lights

3.1. Preparing for installation

3.2. Pond lights installation

4. Underwater pond lights at Discount Leisure Products

How to place pond lights 

Before buying your pond lights, you’ll need to consider the kind of display you want to create. Whether you’re looking for outdoor string lights to hang above your pond or subtle underwater lighting to enhance specific features, each type of display requires a different lighting type. 

You can also choose from pond lights in various sizes, colours and styles, but you’ll need to ensure they’re labelled as water-resistant and approved for outdoor pond use. Following your lights’ product directions and guidelines will ensure you install them properly. 

How to wire pond lights

If you’re wondering how to wire pond lights, this depends on the type of lights you have purchased. 

Lights designed to hang above your pond are the easiest to install, as they usually don’t require you to adjust your pond in any way. Solar lighting can easily be fitted to your designed area and doesn’t require a power source as they generate energy using sunlight. However, if your pond lights are mains powered, you’ll need to ensure they are long enough to reach your chosen power source.

An image of an outdoor pond with a waterfall and underwater pond lights

How to install underwater pond lights

Underwater pond lights can often be one of the most difficult pond lighting types to install. This section will explain the best way to prepare and install your lights to ensure the process is safe and accurate.

Preparing for installation

The wiring of pond lighting can be intricate, so you may need to run an underground conduit to your home before you can begin the installation, ensuring there aren’t any obstructions, such as underground power or gas lines. 

You may also need to consider what type of transformer your project requires if there isn’t one included with your lights, as this will ensure that the circuit runs correctly. However, most light systems now include a transformer, so they come ready to be installed.

At Discount Leisure Products, all our light sets come complete with the correct transformer, so there is no need to purchase separate parts to install them. 

Pond lights installation

To install your pond lights, you must ensure that all water is emptied from your pond and equipment and that the power is turned off, as this will ensure your safety when working with electrical systems.

Connect the transformer following its instructions, then lay your cables, place your fixtures and adjust your lighting settings to create your desired effect. Once this is complete, you can sit back and relax by your upgraded pond and enjoy its newly illuminated aesthetic. If you are unsure about how to complete any part of the installation process, we recommend hiring a professional to do this for you.

Underwater pond lights at Discount Leisure Products

There are many benefits to incorporating pond lights into your outdoor area. They are guaranteed to elevate the look of your pond and add a relaxing, soft glow to your water features. Pond lights allow you to transform your pond without spending much money, so it is a simple and cost-effective way of improving your home.

Discount Leisure Products offers a high-quality range of pond supplies offering garden and pond lighting. We have various types of pond lights to choose from, including outdoor lights and underwater lights. Browse the range to find suitable styles to feature in your pond.


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