Aquarium Start-Up for Beginners

Setting up a brand new aquarium can be both a memorable and educational experience for children, introducing them gently to the concepts of ecosystems, nutrition and water filtration. For the older folk out there, it’s a chance to add a slice of nature into your home, giving it a contemporary, individual feel by taking advantage of one of almost limitless options you have when it comes to customising your own aquarium.  Previously at Discount Leisure Products, we illustrated a number of the most creative aquarium designs out there for our readers to enjoy. If you’d prefer something a little less-involved, Discount Leisure Products have available a number of fish tanks, including something a little special for any youngsters wishing to get started on their own fish-keeping journey.

Aquarium for Beginners

The nitrogen cycle

Unfortunately for younger fish-keeping enthusiasts, setting up an aquarium in a way which will allow fish and plants to thrive is not as simple as filling a tank with water, fish and feeding them on occasion. As the tank is a ‘closed system’, you’re going to need a method of removing or transforming waste, toxins and other harmful elements from the water to avoid it becoming a literal cesspool.

For a concise and fun overview of this key process, please feel free to enjoy this artistic explanation from YouTuber ‘MyFishCare101’ in the video below.

Put the heating on

The fluctuation of temperature by even a degree or two can be incredibly detrimental to the point of risking a loss of fish, we’d strongly recommend that as a minimum, your tank is equipped with a fully-functioning thermometer and aquarium fish tank heater. Discount Leisure Products have available a wide range of solutions for simple temperature control, catering for a variety of tank sizes – ranging between 15 and 300 watts.

Let your fish flourish under the bright lights

Not only will the correct lighting highlight the breathtaking colours and shades of your fish, it will have tangible benefits such as promoting the growth of any organic plant life sharing the aquarium with the fish and simulating a day/night cycle which should ideally match the region in which the fish are usually found. You may wish to check out our selection of replacement and starter bulbs which will provide the perfect lighting for a number of fish.

Arcadia Stretchlight

Fish Food for Thought

It’s pivotal to understand that different fish require different diets, food that might be suitable for a variety of tropical fish might not necessarily be ideal for a coldwater fish.

If you’re worried about your children overfeeding the fish, micro wafers are a fantastic option over traditional flakes as they do not dissolve in the water and make it easier to judge the amount that should be added to the tank in any one feeding session. This arguably more efficient method of feeding will also have the trickle-down effect of improving the water quality in your aquarium, keeping your fish looking colourful, vibrant and most importantly – healthy.

Most fish would also appreciate some fresh vegetables being introduced to the tank in chunks suitable for the size of the fish, certain lettuce leaves such as romaine and the water-rich cucumber would be excellent treats for the fish in any aquarium, especially when they’re housed in a relatively barren environment without natural plants and/or algae.

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