Essential Pond Accessories

A pond provides the opportunity to have something that you can be incredibly proud of and that you can show off, but depending on the state of the pond is what can make or break your garden. Of course you’ll want something that looks beautifully idyllic, which is why top maintenance is key, and keeping up to date with regular checks to see if everything is running as it should be. At Discount Leisure Products we know our stuff when it comes to pond maintenance, which is why we’ve come up with, what we think, are a few essentials that you should own.

NT Labs Eradick Fish Pond Parasite & Fungus Treatment

This 5-day course is a pivotal own if you want to keep your pondlife healthy, the well-being of fish shouldn’t be taken lightly. The Eradick Pond Parasite & Fungus Treatment cures white spots, costia and chilodonella, all of which can be fatal to fish. Signs to look for before using the treatment include;

  • Fish rubbing against the pond wall.
  • Fish covered in slime
  • Gasping at the surface.

Eco Pond Mud Muncher Sludge Buster Treatment

Tap water can be lethal for pondlife if not properly cleaned, the Eco Pond Chlorine Water Guard is one of the best products around for this. It removes harmful chemicals from tap water, such as;

  • Chloromines
  • Chlorines
  • Heavy Metals

It is ideal when either filling up a new pond or topping up your old one.

Tropical Marine Centre Pro Clear Advantage 55 Watt UV Clarifier

Easily one of the best types of this product around, and at a very affordable price to, it can become inexpensive as part of the way you clean your pond. Effectively clearing the water from green, leaving a much cleaner living environment for your pondlife the Tropical Marine Centre Pro works in up to 45,000 liters of water, with a max flow of 18,000 litres per hour. It needs to be placed on a flat surface to work to it maximum capacity.

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Velda Growth Balls Pond Plant Lilly Fertilizer

A lifeline for any pond plant, which will leave them growing beautifully, to really add that touch to your pond. Providing rich and essential minerals for pond plants, the balls should be buried in the aquatic soil around the roots of the plant.

Velda I-Tronic Electronic Blanketweed Algae Control

Designed to kill any algae around your pond that could become harmful to pond plants and fish. The device releases positively charged ions which will break down algae in a safe manner, which is completely harmless to surrounding pondlife. Works in up to 15,000 litres of water.

Hozelock Aquaforce 4000 Pond Filter Pump

The trudy design means that the filter can withstand both ponds and waterfall features. in the 4000 model you get a greater handle of larger solids, such as, fish waste, leaves and debris from pondlife. The larger surface area of the model prevents the risk of clogging and enables easier cleaning. It comes with a wildlife protection clip to stop any smaller pondlife becoming sucked in when you are cleaning. The pump can handle 4000 liters of water per hour.

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