Pond Maintenance – Summer Months

Pond Maintenance – Summer Months

Those halcyon days of summer are just around the corner and the average temperatures are changing for the better for those who prefer to enjoy the great outdoors rather than being cooped up inside with a hot drink on a chilly day. For anybody fortunate enough to have a pond set-up in the garden, it means approaching things a little differently as the climate begins to shift. Here at Discount Leisure Products, we’re going to provide you with a couple of key pointers to help you on your way, of course, we also have the products you’re going to need so read on and browse our store at your leisure.

Every breath you take

Warm water holds less dissolved oxygen than cold water, it’s just science.  With this, and the fact that your fish are going to be consuming more of that delicious O2 in the warmer months, in mind; efficient aeration of your pond is even more pivotal in the summertime. You should seek to do everything within your power to promote an oxygen-rich environment for the organisms in your pond and there are a number of things you can do to achieve this, including adding appropriate plantlife and installing a fish pond aeration pump. Our entries from the ‘Pond One’ range are capable of reaching either a 35-litre or 70-litre per minute output and are perfectly suited to the somewhat unspectacular weather conditions in the UK.

Pond One

It’s also important to avoid overfeeding and the production of excessive waste by carefully monitoring the amount of food that’s being released into the water, we will talk more about this below as we touch on automatic feeders.

A tasty summertime treat that fish can enjoy might include fresh fruits, but make sure the portion sizes are suitable and that any uneaten remains are removed. This is the same approach you should attempt to make when it comes to clearing the pond of dead plants and foliage.

Don’t you forget about me

Don’t forget, the fish won’t appreciate being packed up and flown out in your carry-on luggage to your exotic locations so they’re going to be stuck at home – make sure you’ve made appropriate plans by setting up an automatic feeder if a friend is unavailable or unable to handle fish-feeding duties to your liking. Discount Leisure Products can provide you with this automatic feeder from Hozelock which benefits from being able to be mounted in a customisable position over your pond. You can generally expect fish to be more active in the summer months and will consequently demand more food, a pond feeder will allow you to manually set the number of times food is released in any day, so your fish can stave off the hunger even whilst you’re not home.

It’s also advisable to kick-start your biological filtration program by introducing a bio-culture filter treatment which will help rapidly establish a system of biological filtration. We’d recommend trying something from the Evolution Aqua Pure Pond range, which “aids in the rapid reduction of organic carbon, ammonia, nitrite, nitrate & phosphate”.

Last but definitely not least, this is the time of year where you should be rewarded for your upkeep and maintenance efforts year-round, so grab yourself a cold one and enjoy the beautiful addition to your garden – you deserve it.

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