What Are The Advantages Of An Above Ground Pool?

Swimming pools are a fantastic way to entertain the kids and keep them cool when the warm weather rolls around in the summer. In-ground pools require lots of space and money, so an above-ground pool is a perfect alternative.

Installing an above-ground pool is simple and affordable, which is why it is a fantastic option for those with kids. At Discount Leisure Products, we tell you about the advantages of an above-ground pool and why they are a great investment for the summer.

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What is an above ground pool?

An above-ground pool sits on top of the ground compared to an in-ground pool, which is built into the ground. Above-ground pools are often constructed with a steel frame and vinyl liner to help support the water’s weight.

Above-ground pools are the perfect choice for those wanting a pool that is easy to set up and can be placed anywhere in the garden. If you want a good quality pool but are only going to use it seasonally, then above-ground pools are the best option.

What are the differences between above and in ground pools?

The main difference between above and in-ground swimming pools is how they are constructed.

  • Above-ground pools are transient, while in-ground swimming pools are permanent fixtures.
  • Larger areas are needed to install in-ground pools, whereas above-ground swimming pools are suitable for smaller gardens.Above-ground pools are more affordable and easy to maintain than in-ground pools. 
  • Although more costly, in-ground swimming pools can be built in any design and boost your property value. 
  • In-ground pools require several weeks and careful planning for installation, while above-ground pools need one to three days to set up.

Advantages of an above ground pool

Adding a swimming pool to your garden requires careful planning to meet your needs. Above-ground pools are perfect for those wanting a semi-permanent fixture for seasonal use. If you are considering investing in an above-ground swimming pool, here are some benefits to make your investment worthwhile.


If you are not looking to break the bank for a swimming pool, above-ground pools are an excellent option. Above-ground pools cut back on installation and maintenance costs required with an in-ground swimming pool.

Discount Leisure Products offers various premium above-ground pools at various price ranges. Durable above-ground pools are the ideal long-term investment to provide entertainment for your family.

Quick and easy to install

While in-ground swimming pools require several weeks for installation, above-ground pools can be set up within a couple of days. You will need to ensure you have enough space and your garden is flat to help with the speed of installation.

If you prefer to build your own pool, above-ground swimming pools are easy to install by following the instructions manual given. Above-ground pools are also simple to disassemble when the season ends, opening your garden for more activities. You can easily store away your above-ground pool until your next use.

Simple to maintain

As above-ground pools are often smaller and hold less water than in-ground pools, they require fewer chemicals for maintenance, saving you time and money. Cleaning above-ground pools is simpler, as all areas of the pool are easier to access.

Since above-ground pools are elevated, all components of the pool are visible. This allows you to identify and access any areas for inspection or repair easily. In comparison, any damages on in-ground pools will be harder to notice and require more skill to attend to.

Perfect for smaller gardens

If you do not have much space available, above-ground pools are an excellent option. Various sizes of above-ground pools at Discount Leisure Products are available to accommodate a wide range of people. Due to the ease of installation, above-ground pools can be simply moved to adapt to your garden space.

Various design styles

Above-ground pools are available in various sizes and shapes, offering flexibility when considering your options to suit your needs and help achieve your dream pool. A wide range of above-ground swimming pool accessories are available to ensure your kids are fully entertained. Find your dream pool by browsing Discount Leisure Products’ rectangular framed pool range.

Increased safety

Above-ground pools are often safer than in-ground pools due to the higher entry point. As in-ground pools are at ground level, there is a higher chance that children or pets could fall in. 

A removable pool ladder for above-ground pools will help you manage when your children can enter.

Adding a pool cover to your above-ground pool will help stop your children from climbing in the pool unsupervised. 

Installing an above-ground pool fence will also help stop your children or pets from entering the pool unattended.

How long do above ground pools last?

Above-ground pools often last between 7 and 15 years, depending on several important factors. Your above-ground pool will last longer if you take good care of it by identifying and fixing any necessary repairs, cleaning the pool regularly and monitoring chemical levels. If you leave your above-ground pool out in the winter, you must ensure it is winterised; otherwise, this could cause irreparable damage.

Find the perfect pool for you at Discount Leisure Products

This guide will help you determine the differences between above and in-ground pools and whether an above-ground pool is suitable for you. Above-ground pools have various benefits and are perfect for those wanting an affordable and easy-to-install pool.

Browse Discount Leisure Products’ premium range of above-ground pools to ensure you find the most suitable pool. Are you looking for some above-ground pool accessories to guarantee your children’s safety? Why not shop the latest range of above-ground pool ladders or pool covers?

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